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AlluGuard 77 insulated roller doors
Ultimate safety for total peace of mind

AlluGuard takes the concept of the roller garage door to a new level. It out-performs the ordinary garage door for ease of use, insulation, finishes, safety and security and all doors are manufactured under strict and controlled guidelines.

The outside of the door is simply stunning, the inside equally impressive. Whether you choose a powder coated door with matching guides and box or a laminated door with Mocca brown guides and box, the installation is incredibly neat and compact – no wasted space inside your garage!

Roller garage doors operate vertically, rolling into a compact coil within the garage, above the opening. Not only does this mean you can park right up to the garage door, but valuable space is not taken up inside your garage which could be used for storage. The door sits behind the brickwork allowing any existing frame to be removed, increasing drive-through width by up to 150mm (6”).

Because it rolls ‘tighter’ than other roller doors, Alluguard takes up less headroom when open - just 300mm. This, and its very compact side runners, means that Alluguard offers a wider and higher drive-through opening which gives you much more room to manoeuvre.


Alluguard 77 Insulated Roller Door in white

Practical high performance
Remote control as standard makes operation effortless. The door is practical too - vertical travel allows “park right up” convenience inside and out and provides maximum drive through width and height for MPVs and 4x4s gaining up to 150mm in width when replacing a conventional door and frame. It also allows the door to fit garage openings of all shapes and sizes.

Alluguard 77 Insulated Roller Door in blue

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Safety as standard
AlluGuard is fully compliant and certified with all safety regulations. Our products are designed and tested to withstand several thousand cycles of use under the most demanding climatic conditions.

The door controller features a reliable safe-edge system, which stops and reverses immediately on contact with an obstruction and an inertia activated anti-drop safety brake is supplied on all doors, eliminating the need for door springing. Total peace of mind is integral in the design of AlluGuard.

Fully Insulated & finished to perfection
Alluguard is designed to give thermal and acoustic insulating properties much higher than the average garage door.
'CFC' Free Polyurethane Foam within the Aluminium Lath plus high performance weather sealing ensures good insulation - perfect if you want to use your garage as a work/play room or your garage is under a bedroom.
Corrosion resistant aluminium laths, light yet strong, can be finished in a range of solid colours or woodgrain textures.

Secured by Design
The AlluGuard77 has been designed to the highest standard of security and has been awarded the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status, giving you peace of mind that your new garage door is safe and secure.

Emergency override
In the event of a power failure the door can be manually operated with a handcrank. An external override is available as an option for garages with no other entrance.
Doors with a full roll box are available with an optional lockable override cover to prevent unauthorised use.