AlluGuard - Technical Information


Technical Information for Alluguard 55 and 77 Insulated Roller Doors

AlluGuard77 as standard includes a new and cleverly engineered connection from the steel barrel to the door curtain.

The elipsed rings provide smoother opening and closing and hugely reduce the noise of the curtain as it operates.

The locking ring that holds the door curtain in the closed position and pulls the door curtain upwards, is a huge improvement over the conventional method other manufacturers use, thus providing your AlluGuard77 door with a much improved level of reliability and longevity.

Each AlluGuard77 door includes a safety brake device, which is EU compliant and provides you with additional peace of mind should a fault appear.

The unique packaging of AlluGuard products provides complete protection all the way through from manufacturing to installation.


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Alluguard 55 construction

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