AlluGuard - Garage Door Options


Options and Accessores for AlluGuard doors

All AlluGuard garage doors come with our new Rollixo RTS Control Unit, 2 Keygo RTS Keyfobs and the resistive safety edge.

Rollixo RTS Control Unit
The Rollixo RTS is the complete solution for automating your garage door and works with our new range of keyfobs and wall switches.

Include an integrated courtesy light, front panel door controls and intruder protection alarm.

Keygo Remote
Our standard keyfob has just got better. The Keygo 4 RTS can control doors, gates, lights and more in one stylish handset. Doors are supplied with two transmitters as standard, with the option to purchase more if needed.

Safety Edge
All AlluGuard garage doors offer advanced obstacle detection through our Electrical (ESE) or Optical (OSE) approved Safety Edge solution.
Protect your family and property with our highly responsive, wireless solution. The radio safety edge constantly sends a signal to the control box, providing a reliable connection without hanging cables that risk tearing or snagging.

See separate Automation Solutions Page for full details of Safety Edge Solutions.

Standard RTS Receiver
The waterproof standard receiver allows keyfobs, keypads and key switches to effortlessly control your garage door.

Can be externally mounted.

Lighting Slim Receiver RTS
Available as an optional upgrade, our new slim receiver connects a light to the mains power supply to allow control from an RTS control unit.



Automated as standard, the features of the AlluGuard77 and AlluGuard55 garage door systems are already at a luxury level. To further enhance day-to-day use a range of control options provides extra flexibility.

Smoove Wall Switch
Introducing the new Somfy remote control, adding touch sensitive controls to your new door system.

Available in three colours, you can customise the look and feel of the control unit to match your surroundings.

Stylish New Remotes
The remote handset for general garage door operation in a selection of colours.

With its smart rolling code technology, our new range of controls enable you to operate your garage door without worrying about compromising your security.

Secure Metal Keypad (IP54)
Introducing our new anti-vandal keypad for secure garage door operation.

With a metal case and secure smart rolling code technology, this keypad gives you peace of mind for secure access to your garage.

Wireless Digital Keypad
This externally wall mounted keypad will accept a 4 to 13 digital code to operate your garage door for opening and closing without the hand transmitter.

This makes for a secure method of operation where access is required.


Radio Wall Switch
This wall mounted wireless swtich can be installed inside the garage or home for easy operation of your garage door.

Wireless Key Switch
This externally wall mounted key switch allows operation without the use of a hand transmitter and is an alternaitve to our keypads.


Powder coated guides
Available in colours to complement Alluguard doors, powder coated guides have a similar, durable finish to the door curtain and are the perfect finishing touch.

Vision slats
Polycarbonate clear glazing is available for AlluGuard77 (doors on a proportion of the door curtain) to allow natural light into the garage.

Manual Exterior Release
For use in emergencies or in the event of power failure. The manual release allows the door to be opened manually from outside the garage - essential if the garage has no other entry point.