GARADOR - GaraRoll Roller Doors


The GaraRoll is an insulated roller garage door which is the latest addition to the Garador range of products. demonstrating engineering excellence and quality craftsmanship.
Size range (mm)
width 2300 - 5000
height 2000 - 3000

GaraRoll insulated roller garage doors come with a door operator as standard. Both, door and operator feature innovative engineering details you have come to expect. The smooth aluminium profile laths are foam-filled, providing thermal insulation, stability and a smooth and quiet door action.

Hand transmitters are the most common and convenient controls, and compatible across the whole Garador range. Transferring your operator's code to additional hand transmitters is easy.


The high-quality, smooth surface finish on the inside and outside of the aluminium laths provides is available in a range of seven colours.

Timber-effect surface finishes offer the natural appearance of timber whilst retaining all the cost and maintenance advantages of an aluminium door


The aluminium profiles of our roller garage doors are filled with a CFC-free polyurethane foam which provides a good thermal insulation to enhance energy savings, and contributes to a quiet door action.


Quick and easy installation by trained JB Garage Door engineers.