GARADOR - GRP up & over Doors


Offering a combination of long life and low maintenance, GRP doors are a sound investment for the future. Our GRP doors are made as an infill and then fixed into our rigid box section chassis to provide a very stable door construction that will not twist or warp.

The Stamford, Arden and Ashurst designs are finished in tasteful, resilient high white gloss offering a superb smooth surface finish. Further customisation is possible by incorporating one of the numerous window options.

These GRP doors are also available in a choices of eight smart woodgrain finishes and with optional windows. The surface finish of the timber effect GRP doors is not only different by colour but also by its underlying appearance. Some designs come in close grain which looks like carefully sanded wood, whilst wide grain has a more rustic character

Arden with Windows


Woodgrain door finishes


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Stamford with semi translucent windows

Swinton (medium grain)

Hazelbury (medium grain) with windows

Kenmore with windows - dark oak


Lingfield (close grain)

Penshurst (wide grain)

Hartfield (wide grain) mahogany finish

Derwent (medium grain)