Timber Sliding Garage Doors


Rundum Timber around-the-corner doors combine the functions of both garage door and pedestrian entrance with maximum safety and ease of operation

The horizontal sliding action means that the doors run smoothly and quietly and can be operated manually by children and the elderly without fuss or danger. There are no springs and no possibility of the doors dropping inadvertently.

Additional benefits are the full use of the garage width and height, with the installation of a partition (see centre illustration opposite), you can have unrestricted use of a side wall. No tracks and door under the ceiling


The unique sliding door design means that the door can be partially opened for easy pedestrian access. Side fascias can be made to exactly match the door material.


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Solid timber around the corner doors are available in different woods, impregnated with an environmentally friendly base stain and sealed at the bottom to avoid water absorbtion.

Ball-bearing mounted guide rollers make the opening of the door extremely smooth and quiet. Well engineered Euro cylinder locks and compass bolts give good levels of security.

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