Garage Door Repairs


We can repair and service all makes and types of garage doors.

We offer a complete service from the most basic repair to replacing the main parts of the opening mechanism

Are you locked out? Is the car / mother-in-law / food / dog locked in? - no problem - we can gain access for you.

If the door is not repairable, we can quickly organise a replacement. This also applies to power door openers. Our experienced engineers will be able to assess the problem and will be able to quote you a cost before proceeding with the job.


When you call us it would be helpful to know the make of the door or electric opener. There's usually a sticker on the back of the door or on the motor unit if the door is power operated.

Our engineers will not carry out a repair without informing you first of the nature of the repair and the likely cost and time involved.


We can replace:

  • Faulty electric openers
  • Remote controls
  • Springs and spring hooks
  • Tension Cables
  • Wheels and pulleys
  • Rotten frames
  • Complete operating gear sets
  • Handles, locks and barrels

Our manufacturers recommend that the garage doors and electric operators should be serviced every 12 months, otherwise this could invalidate your guarantee. Just give us a call and we can arrange an annual service for a reasonable pre-quoted charge.