Steel Roller Doors


'Rolla-Steel' doors offer exceptional durability and long term performance. Simple, clean lines and an excellent colour choice.

  • The doors are designed for manual or automatic operation - Easyglide spring assisted operation ensures large and small doors are light and easy to operate by hand
  • The Autorolla ATA and Rolla-Steel Unilift remote control opener can be purchased with your door or fitted at a later date.
  • Vertical travel goves "park right up" convenience inside and out and provides maximum drive through width and height for MPV's and 4x4's.
  • The horizontal steel ribbed design is inherently strong and secure
  • Multi-point locking with hardened steel locking bars keep the door securely closed
  • The Rollguard anti-lever option gives added protection against forced entry
  • Smoother opening action, low maintenance finishes and weatherseals to help reduce draughts

Doors open vertically and form a compact roll in the headroom above the door, allowing overhead and side wall storage space to be accessed. Ideal for short driveways or where cars are parked close to the door in or out of the garage. The door sits behind brickwork allowing any existing frame to be removed and drive-through access to be increased by up to 6".

Multi-Layer Protection
Plastisol or high grade laminate top coat - Primer - Pre treatment - Gavanised Coating - Steel Body - Galvanising - Pre-Treatment - Primer - Grey Powder Coat inner face.

Most people use their garage for storage of high value items, including vehicles, bicycles etc. and where garages have a door connecting to the house, they form a potential point of entry for intruders. Security is therefore paramount and these doors offer a range of effective security features.

Thermatec weathersealing ensures the doors are effective barriers to the elements. The aluminium bottom rail and galvanized side guides ensure corrosion is eliminated.


Available to fit garage openings of all shapes and sizes on single and double garages. The attractive handle also contains the lock for the hardened steel locking bars.

The high performance external Plastisol coating is available in an attractive range of colours.

Golden Oak and Rosewood Weathergrain are laminate wood grain alternatives, heat shrunk onto the steel for a durable, attractive and low maintenance finish which is an excellent match for Upvc doors and windows.

10 year safe and reliable operation warranty and a 2 year warranty on all parts

Premier-Roll and Micro-Roll

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