Aluminium Insulated Roller Doors


Where headroom is especially tight the Micro-Roll requires only 205mm of headroom and is now available up to 3.0 metres wide and 2.4 metres high.


The door can also be fitted to the exterior front face of the garage, the ideal solution for flat roof garages with no internal headroom.

Better still the lath has horizontal profiling detail to both concave and convex faces so doors fitted externally have the same attractive detailing as those fitted internally.

Colours available include Brilliant White, Mocca, Racing Green, Cream, Black, Metallic Silver, and Metallic Bronze. Golden Oak and Mahogany are available for internal fit only.

All finishes with the exception of Golden Oak and Mahogany can be fitted externally. Please note that the colour of the bottom lath may vary slightly from the rest of the door. Metallic bronze doors are supplied with a solid brown bottom lath and guides.

The clean lines and choice of colourful finishes can provide either an accent or a complement to existing finishes.


  • Remote control operation as standard for convenience, security and safety
  • Foam filled aluminium laths help insulate against heat loss and noise, ideal if your garage is under a bedroom or you use your garage space as a workroom
  • Security as standard with positive locking, no external lock to pick or force and an ear piercing 90dB alarm system
  • The compact coiling of the door as it opens requires minimal space inside the garage, making the most of overhead storage areas.
  • Vertical travel allows "park right up" convenience inside and out and provides maximum drive through width and height for MPV's and 4x4's

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