Aluminium Insulated Roller Doors


T-Glide Aluminium Insulated Roller Doors outperform ordinary garage doors for ease of use, insulation, finishes, safety and security.

  • Remote control operation as standard for convenience, security and safety
  • Foam filled aluminium laths help insulate against heat loss and noise, ideal if your garage is under a bedroom or you use your garage space as a workroom
  • Fits garage openings of all shapes and sizes on single and double garages
  • Security as standard with positive locking, no external lock to pick or force and an ear piercing 90dB alarm system
  • The compact coiling of the door as it opens requires minimal space inside the garage, making the most of overhead storage areas.
  • Vertical travel allows "park right up" convenience inside and out and provides maximum drive through width and height for MPVs and 4x4s

The clean lines and choice of colourful finishes can provide either an accent or a complement to existing finishes.

Aluminium laths are the ideal solution - corrosion resistant, light yet strong. The range of smooth, metallic and woodgrain finishes allow a choice sympathetic to your home or the opportunity for a stunning statement.
Guaranteed exterior finish for 10 years.

The vertical opening design design allows vehicles to be parked right up to the door, and with just 270mm headroom requirement (300mm for larger doors), the 'compact when coiled' door gives superior headroom and increased overhead storage space. The CFC-free insulating foam in the twin walled aluminium sections means your garage can be used as an extra room.


Polycarbonate clear glazing is available for Premier-Roll doors, allowing light into the garage. Woodgrain finish doors are only available with brown vision laths.


Additional Options:
Colour match fascia plates
90 degree curtain roll box
Emergency external override
Up/down wall switch, Parking Sensor
Key switch, Wireless key pad, Photocell kit
Battery back up, Relay unit (gate control)

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