Ribbed Sectional Garage Doors


Medium Ribbed Steel Sectional Doors

The clean lines of M-Ribbed doors work well with modern architecture. A wide range of door sizes is available and the choice of surface finishes and colours means that the door can complement the visual impression of your home.

Single-skinned LTE doors are the least expensive option and are ideal for free-standing garages that do not need any thermal insulation.
Double-skinned EPU doors provide excellent thermal insulation and are the right choice if your garage adjoins the house or affords access to it.
Double-skinned LPU doors offer the best-possible insulation. Particularly recommended if you also use your garage as a hobby room or would like to lower your energy costs. Moreover, the 42 mm thick sections give the door greater stability and make for quiet operation.

Three attractive surface finishes are available fully protecting the steel against rust: Woodgrain, Silkgrain® or Decograin®.

Woodgrain and silkgrain® surface finishes are available as standard in inexpensive traffic white, in 15 standard colours as opposite. The decograin® surface finish comes in three variants: Golden Oak, Rosewood and Dark Oak.


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