Sectional Garage Doors


Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space - this constructional principle means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage for parking.

The additional unobstructed width makes it easier to drive in and out of the garage. This is a decisive advantage for large cars, vans and off-road vehicles.

Flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides of sectional doors keep out the wind and rain. With a large profile lip, the bottom seal can easily accommodate slight irregularities in the garage floor.

Once the garage door has been closed, the door security kit automatically engages in the guide boom's stop, locking it immediately and making the door burglar resistant. This door latching functions purely mechanically and continues to secure the door even when the power fails.


Safety Features - double springs and wire cables safeguard the door leaf against crashing to the floor, even in the event of a spring breaking - photocell systems stop the door before it comes into contact with any obstruction - and the design of the door sections give finger trap protection.

Sectional garage doors are available in single and double skinned steel, including thermal insulation. A range of three surface finishes is available with many colour options including 3 types of woodgrain.

Doors are also available in timber as below - please call us for more details.


Two main styles are offered featuring horizontal ribs for a classic look that blends well with modern architecture and attractive panels which are also available with glazing options. We can offer a choice of remote control power door operators, and side or wicket doors to match the sectional door are also available.

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