GLIDEROL - Glidermatic Operator


The Glidermatic GRD is a quiet, smooth and reliable roller door operator offering convenience you can rely on at the press of a button. Gone are the days of getting out of your car at night or in the rain, the Glidermatic GRD operator with its numerous safety and security features will see to this.

The Glidermatic GRD includes everything to convert a Roller Door to automatic remote control. A powerful motor and drive unit with a manual or automatic operation selector, a Glide-a-Code radio transmitter handset to operate your door from inside the car and a
wall control mounted inside the garage containing a radio receiver, sophisticated electronics, an automatic light and a push button control for door operation inside the garage.


Suitable for new or existing doors
The Glidermatic GRD can be supplied as a complete automatic door or as a separate operator which converts existing manual Roller Doors to automatic remote control. Installation to an existing Roller Door is quick and easily done in a matter of minutes. Operation is quiet as the motor is housed entirely within the roll of the door.

Inner workings of Glidermatic GRD


The drive unit automatically reverses should the download movement of the door be restricted. The Glide-a-Code transmitter, uses a UHF radio frequency that after each transmission the handset and control box roll to a new window within a combination range of over 2 billion codes.

An automatic light illuminates your garage for up to five minutes after the Glidermatic GRD is activated. Enables you to drive into an illuminated garage at night.

The door can easily be operated using the button on the wall mounted control box. In the event of power failure, simply moving one switch allows you to use the door manually.