GLIDEROL - Rol-a-Matic Door Operator


Rol-a-Matic GR II - Roller Door Retrofit - Remote Control Operator.

The Rol·a·Matic GRII Operator is a quiet, smooth and reliable operator which uses the most up-to-the-minute technology, and which can be retro-fitted to existing roller garage doors. This operator when installed on a roller door will provide you with convenience you can
rely on at the press of a button with your Glide-a-code handset. Gone are the days of getting out of your car at night or in the rain, the Rol-a-Matic GRII operator with its numerous safety and security features will see to this.


Able to be fitted to most brands of Roller Door easily and effectively. It is important to note that the door does not have to be removed to allow installation of the GRII.

Everything is included to convert a manual Roller Door to automatic remote control. A powerful motor and drive unit with a manual or automatic operation selector, a Glide-a-Code radio transmitter handset to operate your door from inside the car, a wall mounted control inside the garage containing a radio receiver, sophisticated electronics, an automatic light and a push button control for door operation inside the garage. Subject to power availability, the GRII easily converts existing manual roller doors to automatic remote control. Installation is quick and easily done in a matter of minutes.

Two nylon location forks are used to engage the roller door to the Rol-a-Matic GRII operator.

The drive unit. Is housed within the door roll - ideal if your roller door has limited side room on either side and ensuring quiet and smooth operation. The GRII uses a hardwearing nylon gear mechanism, which will ensure long life with limited maintenance and no lubrication required.

The door can be operated either by hand held Glide-a- Code transmitter or wall mounted push button. The unique rolling code circuitry ensures fail-safe security and eliminates the risk of another handset using the same code.


The roller door should be in good working order and condition. Some adjustments may be necessary for the operator to be totally effective. Verify with your installer that the Rol-a-Matic GRII operator is compatible with the size of your door.

The door can easily be operated using the button on the wall mounted control box. In the event of power failure, simply moving one switch allows you to use the door manually. An Automatic Light illuminates your garage for up to five minutes after activation

The drive unit automatically reverses should the downward movement of the door be restricted. The Glide-a-Code UHF transmitter, uses a frequency that changes after each transmission to a new combination within a range of over 2 billion codes.

Optional Extras include extra transmitters - up to ten additional transmitters on each Rol-a-Matic unit. A Dual Override is strongly recommended when alternative access to garage is not available. Used to key operate your Rol-a-Matic GRII operator or engage manual operation in case of power failure. A local safety alarm can be fitted alongside the control box and will sound continuously whilst door is in travel.