GLIDEROL - Roll-a-Glide Insulated Doors


The Gliderol Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller Door
is a high performance garage door made from aluminium foam filled laths which provide thermal and acoustic insulation together with security. Gliderol Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller Doors are supplied with the benefits of automatic opening as standard.

Available in a wide range of colours, including Golden Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany woodgrain and white, designed to match the latest generation window finishes.

Insulation and Security - interlocking 75mm twin walled aluminium sections containing a CFC-free insulating foam provide your door with strength, durability and insulation properties. With space at a premium, this enables your garage to be used as an extra room. Strength is inherent in the construction of the Roller door and locking is actively engaged by the anti-lift geometry locking straps when the door is closed.

Roll-A-Glide doors are supplied with a bottom rail safety edge, anti drop device, internal manual release and alarm as standard. The auto reverse safety mechanism means that if the door detects an obstruction it will stop, reverse momentarily and then stop again.


Supplied as standard the Gliderol Roll-a-Glide tubular motor offers a 5 year warranty, remote control, and virtually silent and exceptionally smooth operation. Rolling code technology ensures that security is paramount with a unique code generated each time the handset is activated.

As an alternative the door can be supplied with a Somfy motor with external control box. offering 5 year warranty, remote control operation is virtually silent and is exceptionally smooth. Rolling code technology ensures that security is paramount with a unique code generated each time the handset is activated. The wall mounted control box allows operation from inside the garage, whilst a compact handset allows activation of your door from outside your garage or inside your vehicle. For safety and convenience an automatic light illuminates your garage for up to five minutes each time the door is operated.


In the event of power failure a manual winding handle ensures that the door can be opened from inside the garage. An external manual release is also available, as an optional extra.

The tight roll of the door requires only 300mm of headroom for doors up to 3000mm in height. The Gliderol Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller door may be installed either within the opening if side room is limited or behind the opening, allowing drive through access of the full opening width of the garage. Gliderol insulated roller doors fit any shape or size of garage doorway, top or arched openings and maximise drive through height fot taller vehicles.

The Roll-A-Glide Insulated Roller door can be supplied with either a white or brown housing cover which fully covers the rolling mechanism.

2 Handsets are supplied as standard, optional extras include wireless key switches and key pads and photo-cell safety devices.