NOVOFERM - Novomatic Door Operators


Novomatic ceiling mounted operators

These operators are reliable, maintenance-free and extremely quiet running due to the built-in DC motor. The automatic force monitoring ensures a high level of safety in any situation. If an obstruction is located within the doors range of movement, the operator immediately stops the closing door and causes it to open again

The Novomatic features a soft start and soft stop function to make noisy 'door slam' a thing of the past. With an in-built emergency release, an integrated shutdown stopping device and electronically monitored push-up safeguard, the Novomatic has safety at the centre of design. The opening time can be adjusted from 10 to 240 seconds and the automatic light can be programmed and linked to outside lighting

Novomatic can be easily programmed with 3 buttons and a 7 segment display. All settings are saved, even in the event of a power cut.

The operator head of the 553 and 803 can be turned by 90 or 180 degrees if required. This saves up to 15cm space when slide-in depth is tight (e.g. due to wall obstruction).

553 and 803 operators use a wear-resistant top quality toothed belt in a hot galvanised steel profile to ensure quiet and smooth running and long term reliable use. The steel reinforced toothed belt is completely maintenance-free


Depending on the size of your garage door, Novomatic is available in 3 models

The Novomatic Run500 is an entry level durable chain drive operator which incorporates a fixed motor head and drive rail with a separate wall mounted control unit and push button. Suitable for up & over and sectional doors up to 2.1m (7') high and 14' wide. 500N push /pull force and a maximum speed of 13 cm/sec.

The Novomatic 553 is a more powerful operator with a maximum push/pull force of 700N and is suitable for doors up to 5.5m wide. Adjustable opening time from 10 to 240 seconds. This quick running operator has a max speed of 22cm/s. Features include soft start and stop, adjustable operating time and integrated shutdown stopping device.

The Novomatic 803 Operator is a heavy duty operator with a maximum push/pull force of 1000N. This powerful operator is ideal for all doors, including solid timber and wicket doors. This is a quick running operator with a maximum opening speed of 22cm/s. Features include integrated shut down stpping device and electrically monitored puch-up safeguard, programmable inside lighting and outside lighting connection, manual quick unlocking device in case of a power cut.


Novomatic Accessories

Extra hand transmitters could be useful for your family. With a choice of 2 button, 4 button and new micro 2 button transmitters, you can also control outside lighting

Surface mounted or flush fitting single or double key switches mean you can operate your door with a key in addition to the handset

A remote controlled surface mounted keypad could allow you to operate your door with a secret code.

A storage battery pack for garages without mains electricity. Includes converter, storage battery and 230v / 24v charger

A solar panel can be used to charge the battery pack ensuring no power consumption

Backlight opto sensor stops the operator as soon as an obstacle appears in the door running area and breaks the projected beam

Reflection light opto sensor stops the operator as soon as an obstacle appears in the door running area and breaks the projected beam

Emergency unlocking unit allows you to disengage the motor from outside the garage in the event of a power cut