NOVOFERM - NovoRol Insulated Roller Doors


NovoRol Classic Automated Insulated Roller Door System

In the evening after a long working day; in the autumn when it's really windy; or in the winter when just the thought of getting out of your car makes you shiver all over ­ your Novoferm Insulated Roller Garage Door will open at the push of a button and welcome you home.

Choose from the crisp white or brown polyester coated finish, or a wide variety of laminated wood-grain colours - providing a longer lasting finish with a 10 year guarantee.

NovoRol doors have built in autolocks. When the door is closed a spring clamp device holds the door down tight. The insulated aluminium profiles of the NovoRol doors provide a thermal and acoustic barrier. This could reduce your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and provide noise reduction, compared with an uninsulated door.

Two compact, push-button remote controls are provided as standard.


NovoRol door opens vertically and rolls compactly. This allows you to park your car close up to the door. Furthermore, the rolled up door curtain does not block off ceiling space inside your garage. The integral drive unit is built into the door and requires only 30cm (12") headroom.

If the an obstacle impedes the door entrance the NovoRol Safety Edge will stop and return the door to the open position. NovoRol doors are fitted with an anti-drop safety brake device, to prevent the aluminium door curtain un-rolling in an uncontrolled manner.

A white interior finish creates a lighter, cleaner finish to the inside of your garage. The drive unit is a powerful, high quality tubular motor, with manual override and an interior light is provided within the control box.

Optional accessories include external control boxes, wireless key-switches and control pads.


NovoRol Deluxe Insulated Roller Garage Doors

NovoRol Deluxe doors are provided with an extra safety feature - the NovoShield cover, finished in white as standard. This gives an attractive 'boxed in' finish to the door, covering the drive unit and giving extra protection against finger entrapment.

Inside the NovoShield cover, the high quality tubular drive motor is accompanied by special sliding end brackets, enabling the door to feed straight into the vertical tracks as the door unrolls, reducing noise, wear and scuffing of the door curtain.

At the bottom edge of your door is an emergency sensor which will stop and reverse when the door is in operation, if it senses an obstruction. The Safety Edge incorporates a unique infrared Opto-Sensor system.

NovoRol Insulated Roller Doors require very little maintenance, but an annual low cost service from JB Garage Doors will ensure your door provides many years of trouble-free service.