NOVOFERM - Solid Timber Sectional Doors


NovoFerm Solid Wood Sectional Doors

Novoferm solid wood sectional garage doors have a natural charm and could give your garage a high-quality rustic appearance. All graining is unique and, despite modern processing aids, a major part of each Novoferm solid wood door is still constructed by hand. Novoferm solid wood doors are only manufactured from carefully selected Nordic pine or African Okuome wood.

Pine has an inviting light colour whilst Okuome offers red-brown hues. All woods come from controlled, renewable forests.

The integrated NovoPort Automation System not only offers maximum convenience during operation, but also during installation - it is not fixed to the ceiling like conventional operators, but simply integrated into the side garage door track on either side - giving more ceiling height in your garage.

The control box can be located on a wall at a convenient height giving easy access to the push-button and integral automatic light. Operation is by a 2 channel hand transmitter. The operator can also be operated via the in-built control box push button. Optional coded keypads and key buttons are also available.


London Solid Wood Sectional Door

Amsterdam Solid Wood Sectional Door

Madrid Solid Wood Sectional Door

A double steel cable running system gives peace of mind and reassurance that uncontrolled door descent cannot happen, even in the event of a cable failure. The steel cables run on interference -protected upper deflection pulleys with U-shaped caster holders.

Novoferm overhead sectional doors are supplied with a steel frame for perfect installation and to enable you to wave goodbye to your old timber frame and the maintenance it may need. The weather-resistant stainless steel base allows water to drain off freely.


Paris Solid Wood Sectional Door

Rome Solid Wood Sectional Door

Concept Solid Wood Sectional Door

Each solid wood door may already be naturally unique but you can really personalise your door - be it your initials, coat of arms or piece of art. Just provide your line original and we will create a 'Concept' pattern for you.