NOVOFERM - Steel Sectional Garage Doors


NovoFerm Steel Sectional Garage Doors

The NovoFerm sectional door is comprised of individual sections which are connected together by hinges. This way the door opens vertically and into the garage with no 'kick out' as it moves.

Novoferm steel overhead sectional garage doors are available in 2 ranges - the premium iso 20 range of 20mm thick insulated doors and the deluxe iso 45 range of 45mm thick insulated doors. The doors are available in four styles as illustrated opposite.

Overhead opening sectional doors are ideal for arched, curved or unusually shaped garage openings with installation behind the reveal.

Panels are finished as standard in polyester coat traffic white on the exterior face and grey white on the inside. Available with smooth or woodgrain finish and in Golden Oak or Rosewood timber effect laminate finish.

Attractive glazing options make a feature of your garage and also let in useful light if you use the garage as a store room or workshop.

The double glazed panes have excellent heat insulating properties.

Other options include other colours, a LED lighting strip above the door, a range of different colour anodised handles, matching side entrance and wicket doors.

Horizontal ribbed door in Golden Oak laminate


Horizontal Rib

Flush Design

A double steel cable running system gives peace of mind and reassurance that uncontrolled door descent cannot happen, even in the event of a cable failure. The steel cables run on interference -protected upper deflection pulleys with U-shaped caster holders.

Double ribbed door in Satin Grey finish

The specially designed Novoferm panel joints are 'pinch free', designed to protect wayward fingers both inside and outside the garage. As the door closes, the joints push fingers away from danger. In addition, the flexible lip seals between the sections fit softly even at low temperatures and prevent any heat losses and dust from penetrating

Large Rib double sectional door in white

Novoferm overhead sectional doors are supplied with a steel frame for perfect installation and to enable you to wave goodbye to your old timber frame and the maintenance it may need. The frame has a weather-resistant stainless steel base which allows water to drain off freely.


Large Rib

Raised Panel

The integrated NovoPort Automation System not only offers maximum convenience during operation, but also during installation - it is not fixed to the ceiling like conventional operators, but simply integrated into the side garage door track on either side - giving more ceiling height in your garage.

The control box can be located on a wall at a convenient height giving easy access to the push-button and integral automatic light. Operation is by a 2 channel hand transmitter. The operator can also be operated via the in-built control box push button. Optional coded keypads and key buttons are also available. The NovoPort will automatically sense for obstructions during the movement of the door. If an obstruction is sensed, the motor will stop the door travel for safety