NOVOFERM - Steel Side Sectional Doors


NovoFerm Side Opening Sectional Garage Doors

All the benefits of a Novoferm insulated steel sectional garage door but with a convenient side opening action. Available in a choice of 4 styles as shown opposite, the doors use the iso 45 panels from our deluxe range of overhead sectional doors. Each door has 45mm thick insulation, header, floor and side seals and galvanised track. The doors are available in almost every RAL colour imaginable and individual glazing options.

Side sectional garage doors can be opened easily at all times - simply give the door a slight push and it will roll to the side. But just as much as you need to, for example, get through with your bike or for storing your lawnmower. It saves you from having to open the door completely just for small occasions and means that you don't need an additional side door, you also gain additional ceiling storage space.

Automating your side sectional door with the Novomatic electrical operator provides even more convenience and it can just as easily be mounted on the side garage wall.


Vertical - Narrow Rib

Vertical - Large Rib

Novoferm side sectional garage doors slide onto the garage side wall by ball bearing rollers in the horizontal top track and guide rollers in the floor track at a 90° angle. There is a 3-point bolting with independently-locking latches as well as a drill-protected profile cylinder for reliable self-locking of manually operated garage doors. With Novamatic powered garage doors, the self-locking gear provides for the security of your garage.

Suitable for doors up to 5.00m (16'4") in width - special designed double curve and blind sections are possible


Vertical - Flush

Vertical - Raised Panel


  • The door panel is made of self-supporting steel construction, double skinned with CFC-free foam between two steel cover skins, fully galvanised, with base paint
  • Woodgrain texture on outer face of all panels, all styles (narrow rib, flush, panelled)
  • Standard colour is white (RAL 9016)
  • Panel thickness is 45mm with heat insulation value of K=0.5W/m2K
  • Galvanised header track with fastening anchor
  • Floor track with pre-formed bends made of stainless material. Double curve for smaller side rebates in the bend zone
  • Header, floor and side seals are pre-assembled (continuous brush seal on 4 sides)