NOVOFERM Garage Doors


Novoferm Europe Ltd are based in Wilmslow, Cheshire

With more than 2,000 employees Novoferm is one of the largest European system suppliers of doors, garage doors, frames and operators for use in the private, trade and industrial sectors. Founded in 1955 they manufacture today in western Europe and Asia and distribute their products in many countries of the world.

Novoferm company policy is based on a simple principle: quality not quantity. Novoferm endeavour to offer their customers products that fulfil a maximum of quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at a minimum cost.

Novoferm products take into account the customary requirements of the various countries and meet national standards and test regulations. Novofermare certified to ISO 9001 and manufacture using the latest techniques whilst being considerate to the environment.

Since October 2003 Novoferm has been part of the Japanese Sanwa Holdings Group.


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