SeceuroGlide Compact roller doors


SeceuroGlide Compact - the limited headroom roller garage door

The SeceuroGlide Compact system has been developed especially for garages with severely limited space above the opening. The Compact utilises an insulated aluminium slat that is significantly narrower than those featured on the SeceuroGlide. This allows a tighter, smaller coil requiring just 8" (205mm) of headroom, giving owners of even the smallest garages the option of a high quality remote controlled door.

SeceuroGlide Compact doors can be fitted in-front of or behind the garage opening, or even (height permitting) within the garage opening itself. An extensive range of sizes also means openings of up to 2880mm wide can be accommodated, whilst a neat 90° facia conceals the coil back.

Compact doors are available in four paint and two woodgrain finishes that combine low maintenance with durability.


The Compact uses a narrower guide rail profile than the standard SeceuroGlide. At just 60mm they can be recessed into a smaller space, and if the door needs to be fitted into the reveal of the opening the reduced guide size gives an additional 30mm of drive-through width.

Manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core, the curtain is held in place with high performance webbing that is unaffected by extremes of temperature. A strong extruded top slat and our patented comb locking mechanism effectively resist attack by wouldbe intruders.

Safety is a fundamental concern in the continuing development of the range. All SeceuroGlide roller doors are fully CE compliant and come as standard with Safety Edge collision detection and Anti-Fallback devices where required.

SeceuroGlide Compact's extra small aluminium box needs just 205mm space above the opening, making it ideal for limited headroom garages. As standard, the Compact is supplied with a half box (90° facia).


The compact system is also available in a full box 45° canopy option with a completely enclosed coil allowing external fitting.

An innovative stainless steel locking attachment system, provides greater strength than counterparts using plastic locking arms. In addition, the Compact curtain is secured with endlocks that hold the individual slats in place to help prevent forced entry

Each automatic door is supplied complete with a single channel SeceuroSmart receiver with built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor and an internal manual override. Other options include secure key pad entry and a battery back up pack in case of power failure