Steel Side-Hinged Garage Doors


Steel Side-Hinged Garage Doors
Side-Hinged Garage Doors are usually supplied pre-framed and are supplied with latches, locks and drop-bolts.

Built into their own steel frames, these doors open out providing clear and unrestricted space within the garage.


Cardale Steel Side-Hinged Doors

Garador Steel Side-Hinged Garage Doors





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Cardale Gemini Steel Side-Hinged Doors

Cardale Europa Steel Side-Hinged Doors

Doors available in White, Black or Brown Plastisol finish or in woodgrain laminate finish in Golden Oak or Rosewood.


Garador Georgian Steel Side-Hinged Doors

Garador Cathedral Side Hinged Steel Doors

Side-hinged doors come with equal sized leaves, with the right hand leaf leading as standard. Other leaf configurations and/or left hand leading doors are available on request.