Up and Over Doors in Steel


Steel 'Up and Over' Garage Doors

Cardale Sheraton door with window option

This is by far the most common type of garage door in the UK. They are available with two kinds of operating system, SafeLift Canopy and Slideaway Retractable gear.

With SafeLift Canopy Gear, when opened, the door forms a 'canopy' with roughly one third of the door outside the garage. Suitable only for single doors   A single or double Slideaway Retractable door opens along horizontal tracks inside the garage and retracts almost completely into the garage when opened

We can supply up & over doors in many sizes and materials from the top manufacturers - please follow the links for more information:


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Hormann Marquess in Goolden Oak Decograin


Cardale up & over Doors in Steel

Hormann up & over Doors in Steel

Garador Steel up & over Garage Doors

NovoFerm Steel up & over Garage Doors

Garador Salisbury with window option


NovoFerm Guilsborough in white

NovoFerm Georgian

NovoFerm Cathedral